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July 23, 2012 Young Voices

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I sit here surrounded by the youth in Okmulgee serving as Youth Force 2012. I came into this week straight off of a week of church camp. It is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t had the joy of camping or serving with a group of teenagers who love Jesus how invigorating it is….

July 12 Vision Gathering

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Last Saturday night we had our first official gathering as a community called Living Water UMC! We had 15 people gather in my home and share food and conversation. The youth minister in me had everyone play the game Two Truths and A Lie. The game is played by putting two facts about yourself and…

July 10, 2012 Mother’s Eyes

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I have been remiss in keeping this updated so I have a lot to catch up on today! Last week my friend, Mike, lost his mother and I went to the funeral in Rogers, Arkansas. The things that Mike said that day were so profound and moving that I feel the need to share them….