Ash Wednesday

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This year Living Water will not be hosting our own Ash Wednesday service.  We would have to take down our missions thrift store and then set it back up again.  So we have decided to worship with Faith UMC in south Tulsa at 7 pm Feb. 14th.  (located at 7431 E. 91st, Tulsa, 74133)  Other options would be Bixby or Sapulpa FUMC.

For many unchurched people or those who are associated with churches who do not honor the seasons of the Christian calendar, this worship service is often very misunderstood.  It is traditionally, the beginning of the season of Lent which is the 40 days before Easter.  Lent is a season of self-reflection and often sacrifice.  We are asked to set these days apart in our lives developing new habits or letting go of unhealthy habits.  These 40 days are designed to remind us of the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness encountering temptation and fasting.

Ash Wednesday is a somber service.  We are reminded that we have come from dust and will return to dust.  This image comes from the second chapter of Genesis where God takes the dust of the earth and breathes life in to it to create the human.  Compared to the attendance at church on Easter, this reminder of our frailty and limited time is not nearly as well attended.  We are people who love to focus on the good news of the resurrection!

But I want to emphasize what a powerful and necessary service this is for our souls.  It is important to be reminded that our time is limited and we should make the most of it.  We need to encounter the truth that death is normal and expected.  It is good for us all to take this hour of our lives and reflect on if we are living into our true selves in a way that is life-giving or overflowing.  Have we gotten away from our relationship with the Holy?  Have we become over indulgent? I hope you will join me this Wednesday evening as we make the choice to reflect on our limited time together.

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