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For most people December is a time of preparing for and celebrating Christmas. Even those who are not Christians typically celebrate with an emphasis on Santa and no mention of the baby Jesus. But in my family we have so many birthdays to celebrate that Christmas is kinda a bother in the midst of all the birthdays. My son and brother share the 22nd as their birthday. My husband, nephew, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and grandson all have their birthdays in Dec. We also have two anniversaries in December. My daughter was born on the 29th and seems to be traveling on her birthday for most years. And my niece was actually born on Christmas day! So you can see how chaotic and difficult this can be for the family-not to mention expensive!

This has made be stop and think about the way we view Christmas. The social expectations of the holiday seem to require a decorated tree, lights on the house, baking and cooking things that are special and the gifts for everyone who matters in our lives. But our Biblical text reminds us that some of the things that we do have meaning in the context of the birth of Jesus. The family travels to their place of origin, people come from far and wide and gifts are offered in celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus. It seems so simple-gather with family and offer gifts in celebration of the birth. Much like a birthday celebration. Somewhere along the way we have transformed Christmas into this stressful, expensive event that often forgets to even remember that it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Some churches have a cake with candles and they sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus to help the children remember the true meaning of the holiday.

I invite you to stop and take a deep breath in the midst of this season to remember the things that are truly important. Touch base with family and friends that you love and celebrate the life of a baby that has transformed the world and has changed our hearts. Have joy in this season of celebration instead of stress and let those other things go. Your heart and mind will be at peace and you can breath in the miracle and mystery of a birthday that is worth remembering. Facebooktwitterby feather

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