Camp Egan

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My first visit to beautiful Camp Egan (located between Tahlequah Ok and the Arkansas border) was when I went alone to Junior High camp in 7th grade. I fell in love with the valley and the climb to the top of the mountain.  But I loved the way I felt when I was there most of all.  Kids from all over my area of the state came and we got to know each other in small family groups during the week.  We were allowed to ask questions and challenge ourselves as we studied certain scriptures that were our theme.  The worship was mind blowing to me with contemporary music and even a female preacher!  Both of which I had never experienced before.  My faith was stretched and it grew to new heights from my district camp experience.  I used to describe it as the thing that charged my spiritual battery for the entire year.  It shaped who I am and what I am about in profound ways.

This last weekend my family had a reunion to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary at Camp Egan.  We had no scheduled planned activities but we knew we wanted it to be in this special place.  My mother was an adult leader at Muskogee District camp for 27 years.  My brother and his wife had both gone to that camp as youth.  All three of my children attended Camp Egan themselves.  And my dad has been leading Methodist Men’s retreats at this location for the last several years.  It was such a blessing to see my nephews and my new son-in-law fall in love with Camp Egan.  I came back feeling like my heart had grown two sizes.  We ended our weekend of playing in the creek, sweating to jungle pong and hiking to the mountain top holding hands in prayer and being thankful we have each other and this special place.

If you have never been to this holy place, I would highly recommend it.  The accommodations are so much nicer then they were when I was a teen.  And the most beautiful thing is that there is no cell phone service and you can truly be unplugged from the world and connected wholly to the earth.  Your soul could use the relief.

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