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This last week and a half I have been meeting with other United Methodist ministers in the area about my new church plant. The beauty of the connectional church is that the resources can do incredible things that could never be accomplished individually. I used to explain to my youth that often churches around us had fantastic facilities because they were not sending their money away to build hospitals, colleges, orphanages and more. As a global church, we all give a portion of our funds to change the world in real tangible ways like food, education, disaster relief, campus ministries and more. We don’t do a good job of telling people about the many ways our portion combines with others to accomplish amazing things.
As we, yes I said we not I, start this new church we have the oportunity to impact the community and make deep connections with people who would never enter the doors of one of our existing congregations. We have the opportunity to transform lives and do ministry in new ways that might not ever be considered in a traditional setting. WE need to get on board and start dreaming about the amazing possibilities before us as a body of believers committed to see the abundant possibilities. What an exciting time! I give thanks for those who have agreed to help-to send people, money and contacts my way to make this a reality. I celebrate the connection of the United Methodist church and its committment to rethink church. What a wonderful time is this.Facebooktwitterby feather

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