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Sunday as I was driving to Bible study, I came to a light that was turning yellow and my instant reaction was ‘run it!’ In a flash of sanity, I hit the brakes and stopped my car at a light I was obviously too late for. I started thinking about how I wanted to justify breaking the law because I didn’t want to be two minutes late to meet people. Rather than admit that I left a few minutes late, I wanted to speed and run through the yellow light to make up for my poor choice. Excuses are so easy. We convince ourselves that they have value so we don’t have to face our real selves. We make them in little ways and then we make them in big ways. My new friend Karin listened to me talk about my excuses and she admitted that she had been making excuses to not go to church.
As I work to try and build a new church it is easy to make excuses. The numbers game is the easiest to use an a excuse. The success rate for new churches that are started without a mother church is only 10% nation wide. The money would be the next number easily acceptable. There isn’t enough and I have to find a way to supplement or raise the rest. And the obvious number is the people. Where will they come from and how will we reach them?
But in the midst of all the excuses I know that God has a plan for this church. My peace comes from the constant small miracles that keep happening around me. Joy fills my soul when I see the small steps forward. No excuses necessary. Facebooktwitterby feather

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