Final Destination

Posted on April 6, 2016 at 6:55 am by heatherscherer No Comment

Our church has had many homes in the last three years.  We started meeting monthly at Camp Loughridge on west 71st in Tulsa but the beautiful campground was hard to find and people actually got lost trying to come to church.  Then we opened our coffee shop in Glenpool and loved it so much that we quickly outgrew our space.  We also didn’t have any space for children and we discovered that the parents really wanted a separate place.  So we remodeled the strip center space next to Marzio’s on 141st and it has been our home for a very short year and a half.

Now we have the opportunity to move to the location on Elwood that is owned by the United Methodist Church.  It is a five acre site with a small building located on it.  We have been using the building for the last few months as a Thrift Store.  Financially, it makes sense to move to this location so that we can save over twenty thousand dollars a year in rent. Emotionally, the idea of remodeling another building and starting over in yet another location is exhausting.  But the good news is that this will be the final destination of the church.  The United Methodist church has a commitment to being located in Glenpool and sees the value of sustaining a congregation there.  So all improvements we make to the site will be beneficial to us and the community.  It is the opportunity to have outdoor space that can be used by everyone.  And it has the most beautiful stained glass window.  I have prayerfully marched around this building asking for God’s blessing on it and on our work for the transformation of God’s world.  I hope you will join me in this exciting next chapter in the life of our church!  Moving day is May 14thFacebooktwitterby feather

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