Growing Pains

Posted on February 26, 2014 at 1:57 pm by heatherscherer No Comment

As our church community continues to slowly grow, we have realized that the coffee shop has some issues with space.  We have a real need for a nursery for infants and a children’s space.  I have been searching for a way to increase our building size without being a financial burden on our finances.  It just isn’t possible.  Those that know about church growth say I need to take the risk now and invest in ourselves.  We need the space for our youngest people to be safe and cared for.  We need quality childcare that doesn’t keep people from being comfortable in worship.  It’s funny because our worshipers don’t mind the kids or the noise.  We see it as a joy to have them there!  But our parents are anxious about their kids disrupting other people from being able to focus.  So we are making the commitment to help our families be comfortable.

As we look to grow, there is exciting possibilities.  What will it look like? How can we use all the space?  What kind of cross would represent how we see our role for the kingdom of God? Could we do VBS?

I invite you to pray for our discernment as we start to look more like a traditional church family.  I promise that our vision and mission will still be the same to lead transformational lives in our hope to transform our world.  We will still be about impacting our world rather than sustaining a building.  We still won’t have enough room and we won’t own the building so the burden should be much lighter than have a “church” of our own.  The reality that we all know is that the church is us, the people, in community and not our location!  I am excited to see where we are being led by God!Facebooktwitterby feather

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