Joys and Fears

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 10:55 pm by heatherscherer No Comment

I am in Denver this week at a conference of people from all over the US who are thinking about starting new churches or ministries or are in the process of doing so.  It is wonderful to be in conversation with other people who get what my last year has been like.  They have faced the same loneliness and frustration.  They have been hurt by people who were not supportive or failed to grasp the concept of a new church plant.  Some have been hurt by people that they thought were their friends or colleagues.  And they are all doing completely unique things.  Things I have never even dreamed were possible.  Things that leave me awestruck at the ways that people are living out their faith.  I am humbled and encouraged by their willingness to take risks and try new things.  I feel like I am part of something that is so much bigger than my ministry and my small world of experience.  It leaves me excited about the future of the church even in the midst of the lowest attendance numbers in churches ever.

I have been very proud of Oklahoma Conference because some of the issues that other conferences are struggling with, we have already addressed and we have a plan for.  Our commitment to being in ministry to the Latino population is one example of this.  We are the exception to the norm in this matter.  We have made a commitment and have employed a wonderful leader in Carlos to help us do this ministry with integrity.  Some of the planters have had little support from their district superintendents and over-site committees when mine has been wonderfully gracious and loving.  With all the holy annoyances of this past year, I have been blessed in ways that I never imagined.  I can retire saying that I gave everything I had to try and make an impact on the world that is life transforming and fulfilling.  I got to see God work in amazing ways that I never considered.   I don’t understand why I was chosen for this.  All I know is that if God could use me, than God can use you in ways that you can not even comprehend yet-if you would only set aside your fears and allow the joys to happen.  May you have the courage to let it happen.Facebooktwitterby feather

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