July 10, 2012 Mother’s Eyes

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I have been remiss in keeping this updated so I have a lot to catch up on today! Last week my friend, Mike, lost his mother and I went to the funeral in Rogers, Arkansas. The things that Mike said that day were so profound and moving that I feel the need to share them. He read the things his mother had written in his last birthday card (she knew she was dying of her third type of cancer.) She wrote about what a beautiful baby he had been, what a wonderful man and parent he had become and how much she loved him. Mike talked about how he obviously wasn’t perfect and that she saw him with a mother’s love. He then made the connection to how Jesus sees us with eyes full of love and a willingness to forgive when we fail to live up to our potential. How beautiful! To think of our creator viewing us with a mother’s unfailing love and willingness to overlook our blemishes. As I/we create this new community of believers my hope is that they can experience this kind of love and we will have the courage to tell them.
I am reminded at how we can all learn from each other. How those of us who have attended seminary can sometimes get full of ourselves and forget that we can learn about God from other people who have not attended seminary. I am challenged everyday by the ways people are responding to God and articulating what they believe. I love the conversations that leave me stumped and diving into my Bible to seek answers. I rejoice that Mike and other people like him can make the connection from their daily lives to their relationship with their creator. What a joyous day!Facebooktwitterby feather

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