June 26, 2012 My Books

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In the last day and a half, I have gotten a bookshelf and chair from my parents antique store and started unpacking my office to my home. Six boxes later, I am almost done. As I organize my books, I have started opening some of them and reading things I highlighted or just drifting over a few paragraphs to remind me why I have the book. It has been a beautiful and powerful journey of the spirit as I have been inspired by things I had forgotten or maybe hadn’t ever noticed. I have been reminded of ideas that I had been passionate about but never explored. I have been challenged to consider what do I take with me into my new church plant.
You see, as I listen for what God has planned for this church I have had to filter out the voices coming from every direction with thier ideas and excitement. I have had to dive into the Bible and spend time on my knees reflecting on what the church could be. I have been given a monumental task of discerning how to create a church that speaks to people on the deepest level and offers them a place to find purpose for their lives. I have been asked to do something that all statistics say is unnecessary and unwanted in a culture that is leaving the church in droves.
I long to offer a place of holy grace to a people that are hurting-to create a culture of church that is more about love and less about judgement. I want to offer authentic relationships and real conversation that isn’t glossed over with an unchallenged truth. I need to know that God has a plan to reach the community and change the world that isn’t judged by how many people are counted in a worship service.
Where do I find people who will risk taking this step with me?Facebooktwitterby feather

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