Risky Business

Posted on January 11, 2016 at 5:56 pm by heatherscherer No Comment

For the new year, I am talking about faithful discipleship as risky business. Now, if you are over 40, images of Tom Cruise sliding around in his socks, white dress shirt and no pants have probably flashed across your mind. But that movie is not at all what I mean by risky business.

At the beginning of every year, people resolve to be better at something. Most often it is eating healthy and exercising. For others, changing habits or people in their lives might be the plan for the new year and for some, being faithful about attending church tops the list. Risky business is about accepting the fact that being a faithful disciple of the executed radical Jesus of Nazareth is not easy. Living a life of loving our neighbor as ourself is not easy. Serving others is not easy. But Jesus doesn’t call us to easy! He calls us to be more than we often think we are capable of. He calls us to let him lead the way with an assurance that everything will be ok. He calls us to a live of wholeness and happiness and the hard work of transforming the world to be a better place for all God’s children. Risk means that we might get hurt or even suffer in the process. But the potential rewards for taking that risk are transcendent.

So what kind of new year, new you, do you want to risk? Facebooktwitterby feather

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