Sabbath Moments

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imageI was at a campground in Eastern Oklahoma yesterday that reminded me of how much easier it is to feel God’s presence out in nature. I know that not everyone responds in this way to nature but it has always been powerful to me. Even in the midst of winter, the beauty of God’s creation fills my soul. The freedom from distractions and the songs of the birds connect me to the peacefulness of my spirit. Focusing on God and being still in God’s presence is easier for me in this type of setting.

I am reading a book called Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren F. Winner. She converted to Christianity as an adult from Orthodox Judaism. She presents eleven Jewish spiritual practices that can transform the way Christians view the world and God. It has challenged me and blessed me in the reading. When she talks about honoring the sabbath, she shines a light on the truth that we have made Sabbath time- our time. I do it myself. When I take sabbath time, I do things that are about me, for me and rest. I pamper myself and do self care which are good and necessary things for my healthiness but not really the point of Sabbath. Winner points out that by not working or doing chores on our Sabbath day, the Jewish practice teaches us that this time is for focusing on God and celebrating God’s faithfulness. It is a holy time not just an afternoon off. It is a time for openng ourselves for discernment and listening for God’s voice.

So I am challenging myself, and you, to begin setting time aside for listening to God. Just being present and open to the possibility of simply being with God. Not making it about us and our list of wants and needs but really stopping and shifting our focus to God. Winner suggest incorporating a ritual or prayer to prepare your heart like lighting a candle or reading a psalm. Intentionality is the key. This would be a wonderful new practice for the season of Lent.

Please let me know how practicing true Sabbath moments impacts you. Let us also pray for the discipline to follow through.Facebooktwitterby feather

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