Snow Days

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I have been out of pocket for a few days due to ice and snow all over Texas and Oklahoma.  I went to my brother’s home in Texas to watch his children while his wife had back surgery and he went with her to the hospital.  My nephews are six year old twins and a four year old.  (The baby had his birthday while I was there.)

I tried on three different occasions to head home after the storm hit and failed the first two times.  I made it to Anna Texas the first time and found out that two semi trucks had rolled over on the highway ahead of me.  A trucker I talked to at the gas station said it had taken him eight hours to make the one and a half hour drive south.  I gave up and went back to my brother”s.  The boys were so glad to see me!  They rejoiced over the surprise of having me back in their home.  The next day I showered, packed my bags and said my goodbyes before checking the traffic map for the area.  I was dismayed to discover all paths out of the DFW area were blocked by accidents and traffic.  So I never left.  Again the boys rejoiced.

My sister-in-law asked me how I could be so pleasant in the midst of the terrible road conditions and traffic I had been in.  I guess I was just happy to be alive, safe and loved.  I knew that there was nothing so important that it needed me.  And it is really hard to be upset when you have three little boys so glad to see you.  They loved me up these last  five days and reminded what really matters in life and that is people.  I hope that as you approach the Christmas holiday that you are reminded that people are what makes life worth living.  Rejoice over someone you know and their presence in your life!

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