Suspended in Silence

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On Saturday, I visited the Osage forest for a guided meditation by a new friend.  At a monastery in Sand Springs, they have this opportunity every second Saturday.  After driving much further than I expected, I found this lovely collection of cabins on a hilltop.  I have met many people who state that they are spiritual but not religious.  After questioning what this meant, I have discovered that many people are seeking ways to connect with God and their spiritual self that are outside the building called church.  I have often felt closest to God in nature and in quiet moments listening to the sounds of creation so I understood this concept.  I decided to explore this opportunity in Sand Springs to see if it might be a place I could direct people to or copy for my congregation.  After participating, I realized that it is exactly the kind of thing that people are seeking and I think we could do something similar at the Camp Loughridge setting or even Turkey Mountain.  So here are few things I experienced while there.

As I stood still, I could hear a buzzing sound.  At first, I thought that someone in the cabin next to me was snoring and I was picking up a hint of that sound but then I realized that it was closer than that.  So I thought that maybe there was a big bug near me and I changed my perspective by looking up.  When I did, I discovered that the noise was coming from a hummingbird.  It buzzed around my head several times and then stopped.  It was suspended in silence and I could see it clearly.  As I reflected on the beauty on one of God’s most amazing creations, I realized that often our lives are so full of busyness and buzzing that we can’t see clearly.  When we take time to be silent, we are able to listen to the Holy Spirit and find clarity in vision.  Silence and being still are necessary to our souls and if I hadn’t been standing perfectly still, I would have missed this amazing moment.

The other thing that really struck me on this special morning was something another person said.  Holly was telling us how they had been purging things at their house.  She said that every time they clear a new area, that the children dance in the newly discovered space.  It made me think about how we used to clean the storage closet at my last church about twice a year.  When we were finished, we would always claim that there was now room to dance in the closet.  If we apply this concept to our lives, if we de-clutter our space and our lives, we open up our spirits for room to dance.  We give ourselves freedom to rejoice!  It is so simple that it is profound.

So I invite you to take time to stand in silence and to make room for dancing.  Both of these things, will help your spirit soar and will connect you deeply with your creator.  Don’t put it off!Facebooktwitterby feather

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