Transferring Past Blogs

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 11:33 am by heatherscherer Comments Off on Transferring Past Blogs

I have been blogging about my journey in the new church planting process since June. I wanted to transfer these blogs to the site so, for those of you who like to read, you can follow the path I have taken so far. These posts will have the original date of posting at the top.

Today’s post: Details, Details, Details

I am constantly amazed at the amount of details that have to be planned before I can actually invite someone to consider being part of this new church venture. I have finally worked up a web site that I can actually update with very little frustration or confusion. Thanks to my brother and his wife, it is not only an informative site but also very attractive and interactive. They are both so much smarter than me in the ways of technology. I also have business cards now telling people who we are and how to reach us! I have had so many conversations these last few months where people have asked me for a card. The reality is that you can’t have a card until you have the details to put on the card. So I have secured the details-web site, phone number, email address, twitter account, etc. It seems as if communication has become more instantaneous and more complicated.

The other details necessary for communication are even more important. I have read many things, gone to congregation development training and had hundreds of conversations about what kind of church we would like to be and where we see God calling us. Then in order to communicate this discernment, articulating it in a way that will not bore people to tears, I have written the text for our website trying to help people understand.

Also, my blog is moving to the website and the facebook page will be deleted and moved to one connected to the website. I have had technical difficulties getting it to move. Two of my posts have not appeared anywhere so I came back to what I know how to use! I have also learned in this process to copy my postings to a document so when they are lost I can retrieve them. Details, details, details. Sometimes they can be the thing that get between us and God. And sometimes they can be the catalyst that help someone find a relationship with God.Facebooktwitterby feather

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